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The shining Sun opposes serious Saturn in your seventh house of significant others today. This house aids your partners, but also puts pressure on you from competitors. And with the Moon battling Jupiter in your house of secrets, it's likely to be a long day. One in which the Powers that Be are likely to be rather uncooperative.


Control issues are likely as the Moon battles Jupiter and the Sun opposes Saturn today. People in authority are bound to be inflexible and demanding, so keep a low profile. A boss who is offering encouragement one moment could be letting the guillotine fly the next. You may have to fight for ideas you believe in, but this will be your challenge for some time to come as revolutionary Uranus and conservative Saturn do battle.


Today clips along at a lively pace as the Moon glides through your first house of personality. It'll be easier for you to persuade others, so take advantage of this energy. Seductive Venus may have you making eyes at someone from far away, even if it is only a distant cubicle. Flirt and charm your way through the day and enjoy every minute of it!


Those of you who experience a psychic sense may find it working overtime in unpredictable ways. With both the intuitive Moon and conduit Neptune in your psychic houses, you may find spontaneous messages from the universe coming out of nowhere. Even the radio has a way of playing just the right song at just the right moment, making you stop and think. Pay attention to any dreams you have this evening.


Even love at first sight is possible, but remember that such heady feelings usually fade with time. Those of you who have a significant other should consider doing something spontaneous now. Even if you have children and a lawn to mow, you need to do something unplanned on occasion.


You need to hit the ground running as your day gets under way; the Moon's presence in your tenth house of career and status shines the spotlight on your achievements today. Activity among co-workers is high but bosses are likely to be very demanding. Relax this evening with a cool drink and a romantic movie.


Now that the life-giving Sun is moving through your seventh house of marriage and partnership, the focus turns to your most significant relationships. This also includes those whom you compete with, so be prepared for a somewhat stressful few weeks. By listening more than you speak, you can respond constructively. Partners will be obstreperous, so to get your way, make it seem like it was your partner's idea.


The balance of power under your roof can be restored, but tread carefully. You may be surprised at how the simple act of trying to see another's point of view can improve relationships. Spending time at home with your favourite person will be rewarding. Your spirituality and depth of perception increase during this transit.


You never know who you might meet when you go out this afternoon; you might want to tidy up before you leave the house even if you don't feel like it. There is nothing worse than a chance meeting with an old flame when you haven't bothered to change out of soiled clothing.


The Sun is battling Saturn, your life-ruler, so the need to make a new start with the conflicting demands of home life and career responsibilities is paramount. This is a classic opposition between the forces of progress and the conservative powers that prefer that traditional ways of doing things. You are caught in the middle here and should choose your words carefully. Grandiose schemes are not what they seem, so remember, if it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is!


It's hard to make sense of things today. You may make others jealous or inspire opposition, but don't let that keep you down. If you try to repress your natural energy and enthusiasm, you won't be able to reach your fullest potential. Express yourself in the way you are most comfortable, but resist the urge to throw money at the problem, as that may start a conflagration which burns up more than you'd anticipated.


You may wake up remembering a vivid dream that won't leave your mind; consult a dream dictionary or dream analysis site if you need help understanding the language of your sleeping mind. You can impress your friends and family with your psychic senses today.