Sagittarius Horoscope - Yearly Outlook

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Your Overall Outlook

2021 is a year for Sagittarius to develop business relationships. Thanks to your expanded social network, you expect to accomplish great things. For married Sagittarius you may decide to have a baby in 2021. For single Sagittarius, you expect to meet someone you like during your travel. Try to take on work travel opportunities.

Relationship Breakdown

2021 is a good year for Sagittarius in a relationship. You become more attentive to your partner's needs and often create opportunities to go out with your partner. For single Sagittarius, try to go out more and you will encounter dating opportunities. For Sagittarius newly entering into a relationship, remembering personal space is important for a healthy relationship.

Money Management

Sagittarius may experience financial challenges in 2021. You may find it hard to expand your business and often enter into conflicts with others. It is important to stay patient and bide your time. For Sagittarius at work, you may need to work over time but the situation expects to improve during the second half of the year. Try to stay cautious when managing money.

Academic Guidance

Sagittarius expects to have a steady academic performance in 2021. You are able to achieve favourable scores in school. It is important to think about what your goals are so that you can avoid being distracted. It is good for Sagittarius to stay patient.


Overall 2021 is an optimistic year for Sagittarius. As long as you are motivated there expects to be opportunities. For Sagittarius at work, this is a year for you to develop your leadership skills. For Sagittarius in business, it is important to have contingency plans in place. Overall it is important for Sagittarius to stay cool headed when facing challenges.


You need to pay attention to your health especially when it is related to your joints. Try to maintain a moderate pace when travelling or exercising. Avoid carrying heavy objects when going upstairs. Avoid high-risk sports where possible, such as climbing. Avoid going to crowded places.

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